John Jacobson's Double Dream Hands

From Hal Leonard

by John Jacobson

Songs For Fun And Fitness

Here is a fun collection of songs for any age that will have viewers singing, dancing, and getting physically fit all at the same time. Follow the lead of John Jacobson, "Mr. Double Dream Hands," as he leads you through a series of fun dance routines in a wide variety of musical styles from rock to samba, Hollywood to Bollywood, and much more. You can recreate these routines at family gatherings, parties, school classrooms, flash mobs, or anywhere else people want to have fun and get physically fit. In a Double Dream Hands world, everyone is singing, dancing, being healthy, and having fun. Why not start right here making that Double Dream come true? Songs include: Music Rocks, Joy, Cantamos Americanos, Feel The Beat, Cha Cha Cha Boogie, The Silly Sixties, R U Ready, and Planet Rock.

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Double Dream Hands - DVD
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