World Grooves

From Hal Leonard

by Tom Anderson

Elemental Rhythms From Around The Globe

Capture the spirit of calypso, zydeco, bossa nova, gospel, jigs, jazz, and more with this unique collection of global rhythm styles. Each ensemble includes three to four rhythm parts for classroom percussion instruments, and one part is always the pulse, so even your youngest students can join in.

There are also body percussion parts to help learn the rhythms before the instruments are distributed, or when there aren't enough instruments to go around. Optional Orff instrument parts and piano are also included for additional layers of tone color.

The Enhanced CD offers two recorded tracks for each groove - an instructional track and a play-along track without the percussion instruments for the flexibility of adding any number of performers. PDFs of all the parts are also included on the Enhanced CD.

All parts are four to eight measures, and once they are secure, the parts can be layered in one-at-a-time, in different orders. You decide! Then add your new world groove accompaniments to different songs in these styles from your music library.

There is even an overall theme song called "The Beat Of The World" for your students to experience. Let the spirit groove you! Music grooves include calypso, South African, hora, gospel, Irish jig, zydeco, rock and roll, bossa nova, American jazz, and Irish reel. (Grades 3-6)

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World Grooves - Book/Enhanced CD
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