Too Much Noise!

From Lorenz

by Don Dupont and Brian Hiller

An Eastern European Folktale

Acclaimed educators Don Dupont and Brian Hiller are pleased to present this elementary music education resource. Too Much Noise! is a unison musical created specifically for grade-level performances by kindergarten through second grade students. This resource comes complete with a Performance/Accompaniment CD, piano/vocal scores, reproducible student scores and lyrics, costume and prop templates, an easy-to-use program template, letters for your parents, and more. Your classroom teachers and administrators will be pleased to see you bringing quality children's literature to life with the use of nursery rhymes and this fresh interpretation of the old tale. This resource will make your grade-level performances a snap. (Grades K-2)

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Too Much Noise! - Kit with CD
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Sound Samples

Song Title
Too Much Noise!
Ride A Horse
Donkey, Donkey
Hickety, Pickety
Sleep, Baby, Sleep
Animals Speak

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