Both Jazz Fly Books/CDs (The Jazz Fly & Jazz Fly 2)

From Tortuga Press

by Matthew Gollub and Karen Hanke

The Jazz Fly

Here's a delightful story about the inventive spirit of jazz and the benefits of learning to speak other languages. The house lights are dimmed. So pop the CD in and groove to the narration set to a jazz quartet, and savor the richly detailed illustrations of The Jazz Fly.

Jazz Fly 2 - The Jungle Pachanga

In this awaited sequel to The Jazz Fly, the fly's band needs a lift to the tropical pachanga, or dance party. A sloth, spider monkey, and macaw are willing to help - but only if the fly can first chant the right words in Spanish.

At the Latin-style nightclub, local insects adore the fly's music. But dangers lurk outside the termite nest. Scat-singing like never before, the fly unwittingly triggers an emergency that only his creativity - and newly learned Spanish - can resolve. Once again, Matthew Gollub has created a must-hear CD that features rhythmic storytelling set to authentic, irresistible music. Listeners ages four and up will want to bop along and wriggle like beetles while Karen Hanke's witty illustrations transport them deep into the rain forest. Jumping with bongo drums, conga drums, sax solos, and more, this spirited adventure welcomes readers to the Spanish language and Latin Jazz.

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Both Jazz Fly Books/CDs (The Jazz Fly & Jazz Fly 2)
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