Step & Stomp

From Hal Leonard

by John Jacobson

Expressing Music From The Inside Out

Express the music in you with groovin' and movin' percussive dance from the Master of Moves, John Jacobson. Great for reinforcing beat and rhythm, these eight original body percussion routines are presented from easy to more difficult in a variety of exciting musical styles. For expanded challenge and learning, encourage your students to make up their own routines. The Book/CD provides the routines in printed format along with hip and motivating accompaniment tracks on the enclosed CD. For additional visual learning, a separate DVD features John demonstrating all the moves - sometimes all at once! Save budget dollars with the Classroom Kit. Step, clap, and move in the classroom and on stage all year with this unique musical expression your students will beg to perform again and again. (Grades 3-6)

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Step & Stomp - Book/CD
(with reproducible pages)
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Step & Stomp - Demonstration DVD
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Step & Stomp - Classroom Kit (Book/CD & DVD)
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