Music Makes The Scene: The Sequel

From Lorenz

by Cathy Blair

The Impact Of Music On The Movies… And On You!

Critical listening comes alive in your classroom with this unique book/DVD package. The 50-minute DVD includes ten short (30-45 second) original movie clips. Each is shown once without audio, then three more times, each with different music. These film clips, along with the included reproducible worksheets and listening guides, help students learn to describe specific music events, analyze the uses of elements of music in aural examples, develop ways to evaluate the effectiveness of a performance and how it relates to other arts, compare the ways music and film interact to seemingly transform events and scenes, describe distinguishing characteristics of music genres, and compare the role music plays in movies versus the role it plays in a concert setting. You won't find a more engaging way to fulfill Standards 6, 7, 8, and 9! (Grades 5-8)

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Music Makes The Scene: The Sequel - Workbook/DVD
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