Body Electric 2.0

From Lorenz

by Mark Burrows

A Symphony Of Sounds For Body Percussion

The human body is the greatest and most diverse instrument on the planet. Think of the possibilities. You can stomp with the whole foot, or just with the heel. You can tap your toes or slide your foot across the floor. You can pat your tummy or pat your chest. You can clap with flat palms or clap with cupped hands. Now imagine all the possibilities when you use vocal percussion and other mouth sounds. Combine body percussion with vocal percussion and mouth sounds and the possibilities are endless. Body Electric 2.0 explores some of these possibilities in the form of grooves and other rhythm activities that are accessible, educational, and wildly fun.

Suggested forms are provided for each, allowing you to extend them into performance pieces, perfect as a change of pace during any concert. It's amazing how much learning is hidden in all this fun! From grammar to gamelan, poetry slams to palmas, and tone poems to tongue twisters, students will strengthen their listening skills, perform a variety of rhythms, and explore music and cross-curricular concepts. (Grades 2-6)

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Body Electric 2.0 - Book
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