Classical Kids® - Teaching Edition - 14-Disc Set

A New Fully Integrated 14-Disc Music Program For Every Classroom

"Far and away, the best recordings for introducing children to classical music!" Boston Herald

This comprehensive book-style set combines musical studies with many other subject areas and skills, and is designed to move children from passive listeners to active participants in music, drama, social studies, history, and other arts.

This amazing set includes nine award-winning and best-selling Classical Kids® CDs (Beethoven Lives Upstairs, Daydreams And Lullabies, Hallelujah Handel, Mozart's Magic Fantasy, Mozart's Magnificent Voyage, Mr. Bach Comes To Call, Song Of the Unicorn, Tchaikovsky Discovers America, and Vivaldi's Ring Of Mystery), plus both Beethoven Lives Upstairs and Mr. Bach Comes To Call DVDs. The set also features three exclusive bonus discs: a Teacher's Resources CD-ROM (Teacher's Notes and scripts for all nine CDs), a Slideshow DVD (hundreds of images from the times of the great composers), and a Music Only CD (40 minutes of instrumental-only music from the Classical Kids® CDs).

The Classical Kids® Teaching Edition meets or exceeds most state standards for arts education. It was developed in coordination with the U.S. National Standards for Arts Education. (Grades K-8)

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Classical Kids® - Teaching Edition - 14-Disc Set
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