Around The Music Room In 180 Days

From Hal Leonard

compiled by Janet Day

Teacher Tips And Music Activities To Fill The School Year

Looking for new activities? Need more assessment ideas? How about new tips for classroom management and discipline? And some motivation, too? You'll have all that and much, much more at your fingertips every day with Around The Music Room In 180 Days.

This one-of-a-kind compilation of ideas, tips, and activities comes from the classrooms of music teachers all across America who know what it takes to get the job done. From Day 1 to Day 180, add new spark to your classroom with

  • a presidential rhythm round-up
  • dynamics
  • composers
  • avoiding classroom distractions
  • assessment
  • movement charades
  • singing roll call
  • a salute to America
  • holiday trivia
  • 10 ways to avoid burnout
  • and much, much more

(All ages)

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Around The Music Room In 180 Days - Activity Book
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