Big B-A-G Book For Recorder

From Themes & Variations

by Craig Cassils

This collection of 19 songs for recorder using just B, A, and G will be useful for your beginning recorder students, or as a review for your older students. Each of the songs in the collection is in a different style and many are named after a different kind of bag.

Songs include:

  • Nothing But B
  • Nothing But A
  • Nothing But G
  • Just A And B
  • Just A And G
  • Just B And G
  • Shopping BAG Shuffle
  • Tea BAG Tango
  • Lunch BAG Lullaby
  • Golf BAG Boogie
  • Chip BAG Cha Cha
  • Saddle BAG Swing
  • Garbage BAG Rag
  • Bean BAG Blues
  • Recorder BAG Rock
  • Gym BAG Jazz
  • Paper BAG Polka
  • Santa BAG Samba
  • Hot Cross Buns

The book contains a Performance/Accompaniment CD, piano scores, and reproducible recorder parts.

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Big B-A-G Book For Recorder - Book/CD
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