Music From The Inside Out

From Alfred Music Publishing

by Daniel Anker, Carol Ponder, and Donna Santman

Music Literacy For Upper Elementary, Middle School And High School

A thoughtful, fun, and creative way to infuse more music education into your curriculum, Music From The Inside Out was developed through the work of literacy specialists, classroom music teachers and professional musicians, and piloted in classrooms around the country.

Music From The Inside Out brings kids inside the world of music by helping them understand what proficient listeners think and feel as they listen to music, and what musicians think and feel as they play music.

Utilizing the techniques of the Reading and Writing Workshop, students construct their own understandings of music, first through an exploration of their personal relationship to music, then through a series of Listen & Talk lessons, and finally, by composing their own pieces and exploring the connections between their lives and the works of music they create.

Music educators will find inspirational stories of musicians that go hand in hand with activities that help kids truly understand the relevance of their own musical lives. Teachers of English, Social Studies, History, and other subjects, who may not have a music background, will find plenty of support for teaching children how to listen proficiently, and to participate and engage in music and music-making. All the lessons fulfill the National Standards for Music Education and the special teacher's DVD includes excerpts from the film, along with segments produced especially for the classroom. The theatrical-release version of the film is also available. (Grades 4 and up)

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Music From The Inside Out - Book, CD, & Teacher's DVD
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Music From The Inside Out - Book, CD, Teacher's DVD & Theatrical Release DVD
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