Tube Time™ Books

From Whacky Music

by Ellen Foncannon

Delight young children with the bright colors and unique sounds of Boomwhackers®. This teacher-friendly material is written for teachers and music specialists alike, with objectives, evaluation chart, and MENC standards included. It uses the Pentatonic or Diatonic Set and Octavator Tube Caps. (Grades PreK-2)

Tube Time™ Volume 1

A cooperative approach to music making, the activities in this book develop coordination and imagination and color, number, and letter recognition. It features tear-out color and letter cards and a sing-along CD. It's creative, inexpensive, and just plain fun!

Tube Time™ Volume 2

Here's more music, P.E., and educational tube fun for young children, with action games, colors, numbers, clocks, and multicultural songs. Volume 2 includes objectives, songs, activities, variations, a sing-along CD, and more.

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Both Tube Time™ Books - Vols. 1 & 2
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Tube Time™ - Vol. 1 - Book/CD
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Tube Time™ - Vol. 2 - Book/CD
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