Fun With Composers

From Fun With Composers

by Deborah Lyn Ziolkoski

An Orff Approach To Storytelling, Drama, Song, Movement, And Instrumental Play

Fun With Composers captivates children's imaginations through an interactive approach to classical music. Magical Chefs, Secret Agents, and Sea Creatures are discovered in the music of Mozart, Bach, Grieg, Saint-Saëns, and other greats! The Orff-based approach makes orchestral works spring to life as children sing, dance, act, and move to the music.

The flexible guide is easy to integrate into a curriculum. It provides teachers with a wide range of themes, music, and composers to choose from. Teachers have been fascinated by how easy it is to adapt these lessons to any grade level. Music and concepts have been creatively woven into the lessons to keep the emphasis on imaginative fun!

Fun With Composers is truly teacher friendly! Reproducible composer images, biographies, music maps, and activity pages are designed to enrich the child's experience. Nine exciting classical selections are introduced, providing teachers with over 27 detailed lesson plans - well over a year's worth of classical music materials! The guides provide teachers with a classical music supplement that enriches any program. The Teacher's Guide includes access to online audio with fun-filled lyrics as well as an authentic orchestral recording of each selection, and online video files which feature key teaching strategies and the final performance of each selection. The online access code is included in the handbook.

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Fun With Composers - Teacher's Guide - Book/Streaming Audio & Video (Grades 3 - 7)
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