Snow Biz!

From Hal Leonard

by John Jacobson and Mac Huff

A Fun-Filled Musical Salute To The Joys Of Winter

Join Shredders (snowboard enthusiasts), Professor Snow-It-All, the Zamboni Brothers, and more in this delightful vaudeville-style musical revue. Clever original songs, zany antics and a full evening of entertainment will leave your audience in stitches! The Teacher Edition comes with the full script, accompanied songs, Production Guide, and choreography suggestions. For added value, the Performance Kit provides the Teacher Edition, 10 Singer books, and a Performance/Accompaniment CD. (Grades 4-8)

(Run time: 40 minutes)

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Snow Biz! - Performance Kit
(Teacher's Edition, 10 Singer's Editions & Performance/Accompaniment CD)
Add to Wish List UPC: 4294967295 ISBN: 9781423415763
Snow Biz! - Teacher's Edition
Add to Wish List UPC: 4294967295 ISBN: 9781423415749
Snow Biz! - Singer's Edition 5-Pak
Add to Wish List UPC: 4294967295 ISBN: 9781423415756
Snow Biz! - Performance/Accompaniment CD Only
Add to Wish List UPC: 4294967295 ISBN: 9781423415411

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