Let's Sing, America!

From Hal Leonard

by John Jacobson, Moses Hogan, Emily Crocker, Audrey Snyder, Cristi Miller, Mac Huff, and Tom Anderson

Celebrating Our Dreams, Our Symbols, Our Freedom

Immigrants came to America with dreams of living in a new land where people are free. Let's Sing, America! celebrates all of the great thinkers, heroes, dreamers, and doers who have gone before us, and who worked so hard to make America great. The United States flag, the Pledge of Allegiance, the Liberty Bell, the Statue of Liberty, and the Bald Eagle are symbols that remind us of the true spirit of what it means to be America.

Let's Sing, America! features short, connecting narrations for up to 38 speakers and six songs that combine for an easily-produced show with fast results when necessary. Or, add your own touches and stage it more elaborately to fit your specific needs. The Teacher's Edition includes fully-accompanied songs, choreography, and narration. Exciting, full-color student editions add extra visual appeal. Songs include:

  • Of Thee I Sing America
  • The Star Spangled Banner
  • America Goes West
  • Let's Sing, America
  • We Remember
  • The Spirit Of America

(Grades 2-6)

(Run time: 20-25 minutes)

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Let's Sing, America! - Teacher's Edition
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Let's Sing, America! - Singer's Edition 20-Pak (full color)
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Let's Sing, America! - Performance/Accompaniment CD Only
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Let's Sing, America! - Classroom Kit
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