Sing At First Sight - Level 1 - Reproducible Companion Textbook/CD

From Alfred Music Publishing

by Andy Beck, Brian Lewis, and Karen Surmani

Augment your sight-singing curriculum with this well-written supplemental textbook which directly correlates to the lessons taught in the popular Sing At First Sight method book. This textbook includes over 80 reproducible pages of additional exercises, activities, and assessments designed to strengthen the music reading skills of developing musicians. A listening CD provides ear training activities and recorded accompaniments for the six end-of-unit songs. Plus, there's a handy appendix with easy-to-follow charts and diagrams of music fundamentals. The companion textbook is highly effective when used with the Sing At First Sight method; on a routine basis after each of the 24 sequential lessons; as needed to master challenging musical concepts; or as a general review following the completion of the original textbook. It's logically laid out in a 96-page, spiral-bound book, ready for the photocopier!

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Sing At First Sight - Level 1 - Reproducible Companion Textbook/CD
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