[The MusicK8.com Mailing List] is a blessing to thousands of teachers, and when you multiply/add in all the students touched by those teachers, the impact of this list is... well... incalculably large.

- Arkansas

I know how relieved one can feel because of the support of [the MusicK8.com Mailing List]. I mean, where else are you going to tap into such an enormous wealth of information?

- Arkansas

Music K-8 is the greatest thing ever. I am mentoring two new music teachers, and at the top of my list was to subscribe to Music K-8.

- California

Thanks for all you do! I just love [the Music K-8 Mailing List] and know that without this list and Music K-8 magazine, I would have never survived my first few years!

- New Mexico

I just had my first curriculum implementation meeting with my 40 music educators yesterday. When we were looking at the “Top 10” resources that every music educator should have in their classroom, Music K-8 came in on top. -Music Department Head

- Canada

Your series has been an absolute lifesaver! Being South African and new to the country, customs, and culture, and teaching girls in a private girls’ school with veracious appetites for music, I had to find suitable material at top speed! My little choir LOVES the songs, and my class music teaching is really enriched by the ideas I find in your magazines.

- South Carolina

I love, love, love your magazine - top notch resource for music teachers. [...] Thank you again for producing such marvelous, beloved music.

- California

Your music always makes my concerts successful! The audience and students LOVE the music - THANK YOU!

- New Jersey

LOVE THIS MAGAZINE! I could teach all year simply using this resource! Thank you so much!

- Ohio

Do you all ever rest? How do you come up with these amazing pieces time after time?

- Nebraska

To me, the hardest part of teaching is deciding what curriculum/songs, etc. to use, and Music K-8 fills a void.

- Georgia

We are using Recorder Karate for our main method and the magazine [Recorder Classroom] for the rest. I have put off recorder until I found these publications and have loved our recorder program ever since. It is amazing how much easier students get some of the musical concepts now. It has added so much to their learning.

- Texas

Please don't ever stop writing songs which make me look good. You guys are all terrific.

- Ohio

I absolutely love your publication. I tell everyone I can about it. I find myself grabbing it again and again for quality songs and fabulous orchestrations. It is imaginative and enriching in so many ways. It is the one resource that doesn't gather dust on my shelves! Thank you all.

- Arkansas

Your magazine and CDs are priceless. High quality and clever, there is always something I can incorporate into my teaching in every magazine, not to mention instant program songs! They can cut everything else from my budget (don't tell my school that), but don't cut my Music K-8 subscription!

- Nebraska

Thanks to Music K-8! At my concert last week, during "Shortnin' Bread," the most amazing, spontaneous thing happened. The audience started SINGING ALONG! Holy cow! They started singing out of PURE ENJOYMENT!

I can't thank the Plankers enough for creating experiences like this, not just for me and my kids but for their parents as well!

Later, a parent told me that she remembered that song from when she was younger and was thrilled to "re-remember" it! How awesome is that?

- Missouri

I am grateful that I am able to order your Music K-8 magazine each year because I use the songs for programs and my elementary chorus. Thank you for the awesome job you do in creating songs that fit what we need and for allowing a place to share ideas!

- Iowa

Without Music K-8, I wouldn't be able to survive! Thank you so much!

- Illinois

I want to thank you for your dedication to produce the quality resources that you do, as well as for the generous, cooperative approach that you have. I also appreciate the ease with which you can be contacted. The life of a music teacher using Music K-8 and other Plank Road publications is made so much easier... and in turn, the children’s love of music and music education is so much better and enjoyable! Keep up the fantastic work!

- Mississippi

I teach at a Department of Defense school. Some of our parents are deployed right now and we are getting ready for our Veterans Day performances, and I cannot possibly describe how much your songs mean to us. Even 5th grade boys are putting their arms over each others shoulders and swaying along to, "One Nation" (and that was their idea). The kids beg to sing songs over, even though it's time for them to go! When I told them we would have to narrow the program songs to just seven, they started to beg to, "Just make the program longer!" They actually cheer when I call out the next song! Every rehearsal is basically a patriotic pep rally. None of this would be possible without your beautiful songs! THANK YOU!

- Guam

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