I just wanted to thank all of you at Music K-8 for twenty years of helping me to create a great music program. I recently retired and could not have been as successful without your publications and great music. Thanks again for making my job easier and giving much joy to my students!

- Illinois

Music K-8 is a great “go-to” resource for all elementary school music teachers!

- New York

Last year, I taught recorders for the first time and used Recorder Karate. It was a huge hit.

- Louisiana

I love my subscription. I returned to teaching five years ago after being out for almost 20 years. The performance accompaniments are phenomenal and so flexible for changing the lyrics.

- Louisiana

Keep up the great work! This is such a bargain!

- Arkansas

I always rely on your excellent winter holiday songs.

- Arkansas

I so appreciate your music and how it can teach and inspire!

- Wyoming

I look forward to every single issue and so do my students! Thank you!

- Nebraska

You guys are by far the best!

- Washington

THANK YOU and PLEASE keep the music coming.

- Minnesota

LOVE it... the music, the songs... the magazine. THANK YOU.

- Minnesota

Thank you for providing quality music for children.

- Montana

I have to tell you, you make my life SO much easier and the lives of my K4 kiddos more musical.

- North Dakota

This list is absolutely the NUMBER ONE reason that I am a good music teacher. Most of the ideas and resources and techniques that I use every day are suggestions from the MusicK8.com Mailing List over the past ten years.

- Texas

Thank you for the continued WONDERFUL resource for Music Educators!


I refuse to teach without my MK8s! I LOVE YOU GUYS! YOU COMPLETE ME!

- Michigan

Wanted to thank you for 28 years of great music and service.

- Virginia

I just wanted to THANK YOU for your great customer service. I called today and received quick and friendly service. Thank you for providing great music ed tools and having the perfect customer service!

- California

Your recorder feature background recordings are PHENOMENAL!! Have used them for years and never get tired of the quality.

- Indiana

Wonderful customer service! It's so nice to immediately be connected to a human instead of automated menu options when calling! Thank you!

- Massachusetts

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