This is my first year teaching music. (I had been a 2nd grade teacher for 20 years prior.) I absolutely LOVE your magazine. You have been a lifesaver and have made music so fun for my kids and myself!

- Florida

My kids love the songs, and it's been a pleasure to teach Music K-8 songs all these years.

- Rio de Janerio

So pleased to have Music K-8 as a first-year teacher! I remember it from when I was in grade school in the ‘90s. Y'all are doing a great job; thanks so much!

- Alabama

Thank you so much for all the work you do. This is my 27th year teaching, and I have used Music K-8 since I heard about it many years ago.

- Georgia

You are so generous in your use of your materials - thank you. Your songs are our chorus songs; I have no money to purchase anything else.

- Georgia

Thank you for creating a resource that I know I can ALWAYS utilize yearly in my curriculum! It's so wonderful to know that when I'm looking for a particular song to accompany a themed unit or lesson, I can find it in my Music K-8 library!

- Arkansas

The job that you do with your magazine makes my job as a music teacher much easier! Your magazine is a most valuable resource for me, and I am grateful every time I get another issue!

- South Carolina

Love the variety of songs. Just keep them coming! Thanks for giving us great songs for our concerts!

- Texas

Thank you Music K-8. I appreciate your excellent product. Great job over there. My students love your repertoire; it has made teaching my children's choir so enjoyable.

- California

I'm continually impressed by the quality of work we get from Music K-8 and the response it gets from kids and parents. PS: All of my chorus program was from Music K-8!

- Florida

I have always struggled with teaching guitar to the whole class until I started using Music K-8 songs! Today, I had the class doing "Blueberry Waltz" in two parts, and it sounded great! I love that they can learn a simple chord and play a song right away! ("Learning My Guitar" and "Gonna Play Guitar" are great!) Just wanted to say THANK YOU to Plank Road for such great pieces that have my kids feeling like they can make music on such a difficult instrument!

- Illinois

Seriously. HOW do you all keep DOING this? [...] We are blessed to have you in our musical, educational lives!! Thank you, Paul and Teresa and Plank Road Publishing!!

- Nebraska

I love all of your music. Teresa Jennings is the best.

- Illinois

I have depended on Music K-8 and the Jennings’ music for years, producing more successful programs than I can count. [...] I can never thank you enough for the beautiful ways you have touched me, the children, and parents. The tears, joy, and laughter that flow from your priceless work is unimaginable.

- Texas

This is my second year using Music K-8, and it STILL continues to be my one-stop lifesaver for all my general music and concert needs. I am ALWAYS impressed by the quality of your products. Thank you!

- Pennsylvania

I am a subscriber and a true believer in Music K-8. I love you guys!

- California

I love Plank Road! It's the one resource I can't do without. I have been using the magazine for the past fifteen years. It's priceless.

- Massachusettes

I have always loved the magazine, but the videos have taken it to another level.

- Texas

Thank you for keeping your magazine, affordable, fun, and relevant.

- Texas

Music K-8, it's like you KNEW exactly what I needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

- Colorado

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