I truly love receiving every issue.

- Wisconsin

Could not live without you!

- United Kingdom

Your company is awesome, and I purchase most of my music/curriculum books from you. Keep of the great work.

- Illinois

I have every issue of every volume and they are well loved.

- Minnesota

You are wonderful. [...] This is such a fast-paced, busy school that I really appreciate your publication. I need it every year.

- Michigan

I am a Special Education teacher of Music and Movement. This is my first year in this position, and Music K-8 is a fabulous resource. [...] My students love the music, and I am able to adapt the activities to their abilities.

- Delaware

I wasn't sure what it would be like having only the Downloadable version [of Music K-8], so I ordered both. What a bargain!

- Michigan

I would not survive without you!

- Michigan

You do a great job, and the subscription is an incredible value!

- Illinois

I love your magazine. Keep doing what you’re doing, bringing us lots of beautiful music and teaching ideas.

- Oregon

I’ve had to make a decision this year as to what curriculum we’ll be going with from here on out, and because of my experience this year, I can guarantee my recommendation will be a subscription to Music K-8 magazine for a HUGE part of my resources.

- Texas

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your quality products, kind and courteous staff and integrity as a company.

- Texas

Music K-8 / Plank Road Publishing stands head and shoulders above ALL of the publishing companies I’ve dealt with so far, and I’ve dealt with MANY just in the last few weeks.

- Texas

Customer service such as that you have provided is most uncommon these days! Thank you so much.

- Oregon

Seriously, if [I didn’t] have a school budget, I would buy Music K-8 with my own money. It is SO much music, and it's fun and up to date. It will save your sanity.

- Michigan

I use your magazine in all my concerts ... and it's always been a wonderful experience because of such great selection of songs in your magazine. Kids love it; parents love it! Thank you for that!

- Missouri

Plank Road Publishing is the best thing to have ever happened to elementary music education. I couldn't teach elementary music without you!

- Nebraska

I LOVE Music K-8 magazine. I have a music textbook but rarely use it, because the music from you guys is SO much better!

- Indiana

I have been using Music K-8 for almost 15 years. It is the best resource I have. I use it more than my regular curriculum and all my chorus music. Thank you!

- South Carolina

This is my first year teaching music. (I had been a 2nd grade teacher for 20 years prior.) I absolutely LOVE your magazine. You have been a lifesaver and have made music so fun for my kids and myself!

- Florida

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