A New School Year - A New Home For Plank Road!

We did it! We made the big move into our new building in spring 2013. We're still going through adjustments, but as you can see by the happy faces here, we're doing just fine. Paul and I are very proud of our Plankers and all the hard work they did to get us up and running so well and quickly. (Thanks, guys!) - Teresa

Some of our Plankers gather in front of the new building to show off our sign. Back row, L going clockwise: Karl, Tom, Mark S., Jim, Candy, Carolyn, Justin, Matt, Chris, Bill, Liz, Katie, and Bev

This is our new Yamaha C-3 grand piano! And oh yeah, there are some people in here, too. Back row, L going clockwise: Jerry, Katie (with picture of Sean), Candy, Nancy, Carolyn, Mark S., Bev, Matt, Dan, Tom, and Karl

Our retail purchasing agent, Bev

Bill, our new-media specialist, who is married to Nancy, our senior product manager

Our communications editor, Candy

Chris, our customer accounts rep

Our friendly customer service reps: Back row, L going clockwise: Nicki, Andi, Ted, Michelle, Nathan, Emma, and Solitaire

Ted and Michelle from customer service

Customer service, L going clockwise: Solitaire, Emma, Nicki, Andi, Nathan, Michelle, and Ted

Dan, our engraver/editor/orchestrator/artist

John (our electronic music specialist/producer/writer) and Janet (who works for our Acorn mailing department) are one of several married couples here at Plank Road Publishing.

Our accounting assistant/administrative assistant, Liz

Mike Wilson, engineer and songwriter

Here is three-fourths of our shipping team in the new warehouse. L to R: Mike, Steve, a paper cut-out of Scott’s head (he couldn’t be there that day), and Penny.

Our accounting manager/HR administrator, Tim

Tom (our manager of operations/writer) and Lynn (our customer service manager/asst. manager of operations/writer) are another of our married couples.

"Fuhgeddaboudit!" Chris, Steve C. ("C" stands for crazy-eyes), Penny "Little Bunny Fo-Fo"ing Scott's head-on-a-stick, Bunny-Ear Giver Liz, and "Gimme a hug!" Mike

We have the most up-to-date equipment at Plank Road! Check out our new Apple computer! Clockwise, from L: Karl, Carolyn (Karl and Carolyn are married), Candy, Nancy, and Bev.