You're Responsible For Subscribing, Unsubscribing, And Changing Your E-mail Address

It's simple: Visit the Mailing List Page.

IT IS IMPERATIVE that you keep track of which e-mail address you subscribe to the list with so you can later change it or unsubscribe if you so desire.

Of course, if you have difficulty subscribing or unsubscribing, you may contact us for help.

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Quoting (please keep it short)

Quoting is repeating a part of a message that you are replying to. Use quoting SPARINGLY to let people know which part of the previous message you are responding to. Choose a sentence or two that encapsulates the main idea you wish to respond to, and quote just that much, or paraphrase rather than quote, if the quote would be too long. Delete all unnecessary information.

If you highlight the relevant text of a message and hit "Reply," most e-mail programs will quote just that much.

A good rule of thumb is the "51% rule" - your messages should be AT LEAST 51% original text, and 49% or less quoted text. Sometimes it helps to put a Name in front of the quote, for instance:

Paul said:
>blah blah blah
>blah, blah, blah
I say:
What's all this blah blah, blah?

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Bouncing Messages

When your e-mail service is unavailable for whatever reason, and you are subscribed to the Mailing List, the mail that is sent to your mailbox address is "bounced" back to us. We often receive hundreds of bounces per day.

If enough messages bounce back to us, the list server will temporarily stop sending you messages. You will receive a message alerting you of the problem. Follow the instructions in that message to start receiving messages again. If you don't, you will be unsubuscribed eventually.

Remember, you're always free to resubscribe on the Mailing List Subscribe Page

If you are subscribed but still don't receive messages, it is highly possible that your Internet Service Provider or your school firewall is preventing mailing list messages from reaching you because it misinterprets them as Spam. You may need to specify that messages coming from are not Spam. Contact your local ISP or school tech support for help.

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Do Not Send Attachments To The List

Sometimes you may want to send a file to everyone on the list. We don't allow that. Put the file on a web page and post the URL, or send it to the administrator and we may post it in the Idea Bank. No guarantees, though.

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Do Not Moderate The List

If you see that someone else has violated a rule on the list, please don't post a message to the list about it! If it really bugs you, write to us and we'll handle it.

If you see someone break a rule on the list, but you don't see a note from us chastising them for it, that's because we don't do that. When we find it necessary to remind someone of these rules, we usually do it in private e-mail.

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No Copyrighted Material

Don't post material that you haven't created yourself. If you just saw a wonderful article and you think everyone on the list needs to read it, just post the URL.

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No Personal Battles

Please do not bring your personal battles to the list. We will not get involved with any personal issues that are not directly related to the list. In particular, if someone has sent you private e-mail that you consider harmful, we have no jurisdiction over the problem, even if that other person is a list member.

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No Advertising

Subscribers are not allowed to advertise on the Music K-8 list. This includes all forms of promotion, including press releases, product announcements, and anything else which has a purpose beyond that of the list.

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No "Me Too's" or "Thank You's"

If you wish to be included - maybe you want to receive a copy of a lesson plan someone is sending out to anyone interested - please e-mail the sender directly; don't e-mail the list with your "Me too." If you want to thank someone for help, that's wonderful - but, again, please e-mail the person directly.

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No Mass-Mailings

Now and then something may come across your desk that seems of vital importance to the entire world, but PLEASE don't mail it to the list!

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The Archives

The Mailing List archives link/address can be found in the Navigation Bar at the top of this (and almost every other) page.

Mailing List messages are publicly accessible through our Mailing List Archives and can be viewed by anyone.

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Message Subjects

Make sure your subject line accurately represents the content of the message. If you reply to a message but change the subject, then change the subject line.

Two conventions are in common usage. First, if your message is not music related, prefix the subject with NMR. That way, list members who only want to read about music can skip your message. Second, if your message is an idea or suggestion, prefix the subject with ***. If you reply to an idea, remember to take out the ***, unless you're adding to the idea.

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You are welcome to just "lurk" - that is, just read the messages that come from the list without posting any of your own.

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Posting Your Introduction

We suggest that you post an introduction to the list as soon as you feel comfortable doing so. Then we'll all know who you are and what you're interested in discussing.