Submitted by Theresa Goble, La Porte, Indiana

Idea posted May 11, 2004

Here are some ideas for good, fun prizes at little to no cost:

1. Check out the end caps at Wal-Mart, Target, or a similar store. Sometimes, you can pick up items like pencil boxes for less than a quarter. These are good for the "big" prizes.
2. Free shampoo and soap at motels.
3. Free give-aways at fairs.
4. Raid your kids' toy box.
5. Order the kids-sized meals at fast food restaurants. You save on calories and collect prizes.
6. Free stuff around school - Other teachers at my school are always setting out free stuff and I snap it up.
7. My husband attends a lot of conferences and he always bring home his goodies to me! Piggy banks, ball hats, stress relievers, etc.

Ask around your community. You would be surprised at how quickly people are willing to get rid of their "junk" which is a "prize" to a child!