Submitted by Tracy, Farmington, Missouri

Idea posted May 11, 2004

Here are some NASCAR bulletin board ideas:

DRIVE Into Music - Have cars on a track with various musical activities listed on them (i.e., clapping, singing, dancing, recorders, etc.)
Racing for Success!

- Create a large treble clef and use little pictures of cars or hot glue little cars onto the board as noteheads.
Stay on Track! Create a racing track that has five lines like the staff. Add quarter and eighth notes with wheels underneath so it looks like they are racing. In the middle of the track put the classroom rules.
We WHEELy Love Music! - Print tons of little cars and put a students name on each one, or if you have tons of kids use just the class names.
Can These Time Signatures Fuel You? Create a few gas stations with signs that display key signatures. For example, instead of a Texaco sign make it a 4-4 sign. Have several cars lined up trying to decide which station to go to. On each car have a different number of beats. The five beats car would go to the 4-4 station, the two beats car to the 2-4 station, etc.
WHEELy Cool Sounds We Found - Have a big car on your bulletin board. Label each of the car parts with words that describe the sound and a rhythm that it makes. For example, the engine "ROAR" (whole note), the horn "BeepBeep BEEP BeepBeep BEEP" (titi ta titi ta), the door "SLAMming" (ta sh sh sh), the blinker "blink blink blink blink" (ti ta ti ta), etc.