Submitted by Ellie W., California

Idea posted May 11, 2004

Here are some instrument riddles for your students:

Write the answer under each riddle.
1. I have four strings.

 I am important.

 I am played with a bow.

 I have a four-octave range.

 What am I?

2. I look like a kettle.

 I am made of copper.

 I have a tight skin.

 A player hits me.

 What am I?

3. I am made of brass.

 I slide up and down.

 I have a low voice.

 What am I?

4. I am a piece of steel.

 I am bent three times.

 A player hits me.

 What am I?

5. I am painted gold.

 I have many strings.

 A player picks them.

 I have pedals.

 What am I?

6. I am made of silver.

 My mouth is at the side.

 I have holes in my side.

 I sound high and clear.

 What am I?