Submitted by Pam Moser, Arlington, Washington

Idea posted April 27, 2004

Do you have students who have problems playing nicely, in a way that allows the teacher and other students to also enjoy a game? They are taken out of the game immediately and given penance (of course I don't call it that). I make sure to speak in an extra-happy, chipper voice while I give them their assignment. Here is one of my time-out worksheets:

Copy each of these behavior vocabulary words and definitions below and on the back of this page.

1. a feeling or attitude of admiration and regard toward somebody or something

2. consideration or thoughtfulness


1. having the authority to make decisions independently, requires conscientiousness and trustworthiness

2. being the cause of something, usually something wrong or disapproved of

3. capable of making rational or moral decisions, and therefore accountable for your actions


1. the state, fact, or position of being accountable to somebody, or for something

2. the blame for something that has happened

3. authority to make decisions independently


1. in line with accepted standards of correctness or decency

2. deserving or receiving respect

I also have more worksheets with the following definitions on them:


1. deserving trust, or able to be trusted


1. confidence in and reliance on good qualities, especially fairness, truth, honor, or ability

2. responsibility for taking good care of something

3. to allow somebody to use something in confidence that the person will behave responsibly or properly


1. belief or assurance in the ability of somebody to act in a proper, trustworthy, or reliable manner


1. governed by or done according to the standard sense of right and wrong

2. to be concerned with how one's actions affect other people


1. thoughtful concern for or sensitivity toward the feelings and well-being of others

2. something to be taken into account (think about) when weighing the pros and cons before making a decision


1. good or right, when judged by the standards of the average person or society at large

2. able to distinguish right from wrong and to make decisions based on that knowledge

3. giving guidance on how to behave decently and honorably