Submitted by Pamela Rezach, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Idea posted April 27, 2004

In order to protect myself from miscommunication via e-mail, I've found that the safe thing to do is to document every conversation I have with my principal by sending an e-mail. I keep a hard copy of each e-mail I send. Then when a question arises, I have the proof that I need. For instance:

Mr./Mrs. ___, This message is to verify that I discussed with you on DAY OF THE WEEK, MONTH, DAY, that I will need to out of school on ...

You stated that you would give me permission as long as ...

I will send a reminder to you with the details concerning my absence prior to the day I will be absent.

Thank you for supporting me! (your signature)

I have always used this procedure, especially when working for multiple principals. It has been a professional lifesaver!