Submitted by Jennifer Conn, Kankakee, IL

Idea posted April 13, 2004

Here are four ideas to help quiet classes:

1) You clap a short rhythm pattern; the students clap back and must be silent when done.

2) You count backwards from five to one, and the students must be quiet at or before one.

3) You say very softly, "If you can hear my voice clap once. If you can hear my voice clap twice." until the class is all clapping and all quiet.

4) I put the letters MUSIC on the chalkboard (they are magnets). If the class is too noisy, I use one of the above techniques. If they fail to get quiet, a letter comes down. The number of letters they have at the end of class determines how many stickers the class receives (each class has a chart). We have a monthly goal for stickers, and each class that meets their goal gets a reward day (i.e., free playing of instruments, Boomwhackers®, watching a video, etc.).