Submitted by Pamela Rezach, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Idea posted January 3, 2002

I guess I'm one of the lucky ones, because my audiences still understand good behavior. But, just to keep it "going," I occasionally include some type of education concerning the subject in my programs.

I have arranged the concert so that the students on the risers become the audience and the audience becomes the performers during one part of the show. Right before they "trade," the students have a pretend Mom and Dad that go over good audience etiquette rules. They do this as a rap.

I put a background beat on the keyboard, and then the Dad says a line and the students on the risers repeat whatever the Dad says. It's a cute way to remind the real audience what is expected. Here it is:

  • The lead-in line said by Dad: "We are going to a concert, and Mom and I want to go over good audience rules with you before we leave."
  • Begin the background beat. Teacher says: "One, Two, Ready start..."
  • Before the performance begins (repeat), talk real quiet with your friends (repeat).
  • >>Wait four beats<<
  • When the show has first begun (repeat), use your ears to have your fun (repeat). When you whisper very low (repeat), you distract from the people in the show (repeat).
  • >>Wait four beats<<
  • Once the performance starts (repeat), do not break the performers' hearts (repeat).
  • >>Wait four beats<<
  • Don't leave your seat! Don't comb your hair! (repeat)
  • >>Wait four beats<<
  • Don't talk on the cell phone... (CLAP) Be fair! (repeat)
  • >>Wait four beats<<
  • If we get to the concert late (repeat), take the time to hesitate (repeat).
  • Enter only in between (repeat), each and every song or scene. (repeat)
  • >>Wait four beats<<
  • Now we're ready to go. (Now, on - with the show!)