Submitted by Debi Craig, New York

Idea posted January 3, 2002

I use resonator bells for an activity that I call "Scrambled Scales." I take out an octave of resonator bells (not necessarily in C major) and scramble them up. I pass them out to eight children in the scrambled order. They may not show anyone else what bell they have. Each child plays his/her bell and the class determines who is lowest. That person moves to the head of the line. From that point on, that person plays first, then the next person in line, back to the lowest bell, then the third person in line, then to the 4th, etc. until "re" is determined. Continue until all the bells are in order from lowest to highest.

They love the challenge of adding sharps/flats as well as putting them in order from the highest to the lowest. After they successfully put them in order, they exchange amongst themselves twice, and then go back into the line where they were when the bells were in order. Then, they pick someone to take their place. That person goes up to where the child is standing so that the bells are already scrambled for you.

This is great for grades 3, 4, and 5. Have fun!