Submitted by Renovia McKinney

Idea posted December 5, 2001

Wow... I got much more of a response to this than I expected, so I'll just post this to the list. Quotes in the song mean you do motions during those words.

You're a "Grand Old Flag: Place right hand over (not on) your heart and swing your hand down and up without moving your elbow, like your arm is in a sling and you move from your shoulder.
You're a high-flying flag"
And forever in "peace" may you "wave": Make a peace sign. Take right hand and make one big sunrise motion from your left shoulder, then down to your right side.
"You're the emblem of": Point to the flag in quarter notes to the beat of the music.
"The land I love": Cross your hands and lightly tap them on your chest to the beat of the song.
The home of the free and the brave: I don't think there is movement for this.
Let your "heart beat true": Take right hand and "beat" it over your heart. (Watch out for people doing it too hard.)
Under red white and blue: I don't know about this one.
Where there's never a boast or brag: Or this one.
Should auld aquaintance be forgot: Or this one.
Keep your "eye on the grand old flag": Take your finger and point to your eye, then point to the flag.