Submitted by Theresa Goble, La Porte, Indiana

Idea posted September 10, 2002

I have had both individual chalkboards (with the staff already on them) and individual white boards (with staff). I prefer the chalkboard, believe it or not. The markers are so messy, and I have LOTS of cleaning to do afterwards.

I use mine for practicing making notes. For example, I'll say, "Now make 6 good whole notes on 6 different lines and spaces." We do that for all our notes and rests.

I also use them for quick review of notes. I'll draw them on the board, have them copy to their boards, and then have them label the names underneath. I can quickly see by walking around who's getting it and who's not. (We go over the answers on the board.)

It can also be used for a quick quiz... numbering 1 to 10 or whatever.

The kids LOVE to use them. Something different, you know!