Submitted by Pam Moser, Arlington, Washington

Idea posted September 10, 2002

When I went online and looked at our state learning standards, as well as other states and national standards, I found that physical education means A LOT of things. My take on it is that ALMOST EVERYTHING (not SQUILT) a music teacher does is physical education.

1. Singing - when done properly - is a good cardiovascular workout and teaches the students good breathing technique, abdominal muscle control, and posture.
2. Playing rhythm instruments is great for large motor skills and coordination with the music and with other students.
3. Playing keyboards, recorder, guitar - small motor skills and coordination.
4. Of course, there's all the movement we do, which is obviously physical.
5. Oh, how about teamwork? That's part of physical education and certainly music.

I defend what I do as important and valuable just as it is. The administration opened its eyes to just how versatile the skills are that music imparts on students.