Submitted by Kathleen Bragle, New York

Idea posted September 4, 2002

I made a template on the computer using a script style font. This had the Veteran's Name, branch of service, conflict or war that they were involved in, name of the child at our school that they were related to, and their relationship. In all, there were five lines and blanks next to them. I fit about three or four on a page (I wanted them to be large enough to read). I then ran off a bunch on red paper - hence, the "bricks"! I do calligraphy as a hobby, so as I received the info back from the parents, I would transfer the info onto the red "brick," then cut it out and hang it on the "wall."

Our "wall" was really two portable bulletin boards, and they were covered back and front with our bricks. In the center, our art teacher created a flag with the words, "Wall of Remembrance." I am very quick with the calligraphy, but even then, this was very time-consuming. It did look beautiful when all was finished.

At the end of the Assembly, our veterans went out to see the Wall and it was very moving. We kept it up for about a month after the Assembly.