Submitted by Connie Herbon, Iowa

Idea posted September 4, 2002

The following activity was created for Early Childhood Special Learners. With their wide range of verbal skills, I was always in search of musical activities that would encourage participation by all. The book is a classroom favorite in our lower grades, too, so the activity should work at least through kindergarten. Students should be familiar with the book before starting the musical activity.

Materials needed: CAPS FOR SALE book, laminated paper caps modeled after the style in the story (and in colors from story), small hula hoop or other item for "middle"
Pitch inventory: sol, mi, low do
Formation: students seated in a circle around "middle." Each is given one of the caps. Discuss and identify colors and "middle" as needed.
Part I: Tune - s m s m s m-m s m (sung by teacher)
words: "Red cap, red cap, who has - the red cap?"
Part II: Student with red cap answers, "I do!" while proudly holding up named cap. (This can be spoken or sung on sol-mi.)
Part III: Class sings "Red cap, red cap, ___ has the red cap. Put it in the middle and shake, shake, shake!" (tune: 1st line same as Part I. 2nd line: s-s m-m s-s m s m d) Class points at student holding the cap as they sing. Then, as that student places cap in the "middle," all shake pointer finger 3X on "shake, shake, shake."
Repeat all parts until all colors have been put in middle. Repeat as needed for enough turns for all to have a chance to be the "named" cap holder.