Submitted by Connie Herbon, Iowa

Idea posted August 19, 2002

Here's the choreography my 4ths did for What Did Delaware? (from Music K-8, Vol. 12, No. 3) in their May 7th concert. There were about 45 recorder players on risers behind the actual dancers, who were paired up in two lines across the front of the stage. Movements on verses 1, 2, 4 & 5 were pretty free and just common actions to fit the words. Verse 3 is where we did the actual dance.

Verse 1:
  • "what" - random shrugs; "ask" - dancers face partners and shrug
  • "wore" - RH, palm up, rakes down upper body. Alternate with LH
  • "tell" - RH big point and head nod
  • Verse 2:
  • "why" - cross arms and nod head RR / LL with questioning look
  • "ask" & "tell" - same as v.1
  • "Hawaya" - alt. RH / LH to head in imitation phone motion
  • Verse 3: (Dancers only. Recorders play.)
  • m.5-12: Wide jazz hands (WJH) up and to right 4X / left 4X / right 4X / left 4X while pulsing knees
  • m.13-16: WJH up 4X / down 4X
  • m.17-20: Paddle-wheel turn L for 8 bt. (8-step pivot on L foot, L arm angled down, R arm angled up like airplane wings)
  • m.21-28: Right WJH polish R (4 bt.) (with L hand on L hip) Repeat to L, R, L (4X each)
  • m.29-32: Polish WJH fwd 8 bt., pushing tush out behind
  • m.33-36: repeat L paddle-wheel turn
  • Verse 4:
  • RH to brow and pull head across 4 bt. (repeat LH, RH, LH) RH point across audience 4 bt. (repeat LH, RH, LH)
  • Verse 5: (Dancers drop to one knee)
  • Recorder players hold instruments across in front of body with one hand at each end for movement:
  •   - Recorders up RR / LL / RR etc. Recorders down on "ask."

      - On "hoed," hold recorder like a hoe and chop downward, pulling back on "land." Cont. same to "tell."

  • "ask" - big shrug
  • "What....did....Del...a..ware?" - hands on hips
  • "What did Delaware?" - hands down, palms out, but shoulders up in questioning motion. Random pose on "Huh?" (We used "Eh?")
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