Submitted by Gretchen Taylor, Illinois

Idea posted August 19, 2002

I'm going to try something a little different with my management routine. I've typed up on one page a list of my rules and procedures. All short and to the point from how I want the kids to enter/exit the room to keeping their hands, feet, voice, etc. to themselves. I will be handing out a copy of this sheet to all of my 3rds - 8ths for them to place in their music folder. (K-2 don't use folders). I'll also post these on my bulletin board.

Now, on the first day, I plan to review all of my rules/procedures with the kids and pass out the sheet. After this, if someone violates a rule, I'll draw their attention to the problem and issue a warning. If violated again, I will express my disappointment in them for choosing to break the rule again, and then simply ask them to review the rule "in writing" X number of times (3-4th at the "Take 5" table, and 5-8th just at their seat). If they whine or balk about this, I'll increase the number of written reviews and direct their attention to the fact that I'd be happy to have them review the rule in the office. You see, they'll have the list of rules right in their folder which they can refer to handily!! They'll just take their folder and pencil with them wherever they have to go.

My kids HATE to do any writing outside of their regular classrooms (they probably hate it in their classrooms too), but definitely don't want to do it in music.

I have also decided to stop any discipline dancing with anyone. The first time a rule or procedure is violated, they'll be writing! And I'm just getting warmed up! :)

Here is exactly what I have printed on the sheet that everyone with folders will get (to put in their folders) for handy reference.


1. Pay attention & follow directions the FIRST time they're given.

2. Don't annoy the teacher or others by...

  • talking out unnecessarily without permission
  • getting out of your seat unnecessarily without permission
  • making negative comments about anything

3. Respect other's personal space by

  • keeping your hands, feet, voice, instruments, and anything else to yourself

4. Give your personal best AT ALL TIMES!


1. Bring all needed materials (folder, pencil, recorder kit, etc.) with you to each music class unless otherwise instructed.

2. Approach and enter the room VERY quietly (q) and get seated. Place ALL materials on the floor under your chair.

3. Stop all talking and face front ready to begin (Q).

4. Before the bow, carefully put away any additional materials where they belong, straighten your chair, and collect your things.

5. Bow and leave the room VERY quietly ALL THE WAY back to your classroom.


1. Instruments are to be seen but NOT heard until the cue to play is given.

2. When moving chairs, carefully fold and stack them against the wall at the back of your row.

3. Songbooks, folders, clipboards, etc. should be gathered by row and returned by the designated chair person.

4. There are no cooties in the music room. When doing ANYTHING involving partners, rude remarks/whining, etc. will NOT be tolerated!

5. Whatever else the teacher wishes to add...

For some clarification... The q & Q refer to a large card hanging on my board with a small q on one side and a large Q on the other. When the kids come in, the q is showing. When I'm ready to start class, I announce, "I'm turning the q," and then turn it over to the Q which means no talking and all should face front, ready to begin.

Also, we end each class with a group concert bow.

That's about it. These rules worked quite well for me last year.