Submitted by Monica Kaul, Stamford, Connecticut

Idea posted August 19, 2002

The past three years I have taught K-5 in a school with 800+ kids. There are two of us, but I still have at least 20 different classes.

So I laminated a bunch of two-pocket folders. Then, I assigned each class a color: K - green, 1 - blue, etc. On the front of each folder, I wrote the name of the class and the days and times they met with me. In each folder, I put a class list, a seating chart (for grades 2-5), and the class name cards (grades K-1). I also put a copy of the report card sheets to use when I did assessments, such as recorders or singing voices. When I gave homework or collected practice charts, I put them in the class folder and took them home.

All my planning was/is done in a separate book. I like my system and plan on keeping it next year in my new school. I like it for subs because everything they need for a specific class is right there (names, attendance), and when leaving work for a class, I can just put it in the folder, and when subs collect work it can also just get put in the folder. Also, when it gets crazy, I can just look at the color of the folder to remind me which class is next... I tend to be a little OCD when it comes to organization so I even color code my lesson plans in my plan book... Hope it makes sense!