Submitted by Connie Herbon, Iowa

Idea posted August 19, 2002

Question: Do any of you have any "creative" ideas for fund-raisers or donation requests for our piano fund? The students have so many things that they are asked to sell or pay for, I'd like to make this as appealing as possible...

Answer: For band uniform fund-raisers, my husband has broken down the cost of each part - hat, coat, pants - and asked for contributions to cover one item or part of one item. Some contributions were tailored to pay the total cost of one uniform. The students were never sent out to sell candy, fruit, candles, etc. to raise the needed funds.

Would something like this work for you? A Yamaha P-22, the piano many of us prefer in our classrooms and churches, lists at about $5100. That could be divided into many increments, such as 88 keys, 3 pedals, bench, music rack, even total strings (around 240?). A classroom and/or take-home visual could show the different parts of the instrument taking shape as the money is donated.