Submitted by Connie Herbon, Iowa

Idea posted August 12, 2002

Opening position: all standing on risers, heads down, backs to audience.
m.1-4 with repeat: hold opening position through first 8 measures of intro
m.5-8: turn slowly to left until facing audience
m.9-12: add knee pulses, free arm movements, and random finger snaps (We call this "jiggle." Continue this free movement on p.27 on all measures where students are singing. Movements for non-singing measures are continued below.)
m.15: R arm out, palm up, raise for 4 bt.
m.16: turn palm down sharply and move arm straight across to L for 3 bt./pull back on bt.4, making a fist held close to body at shoulder height
m.19-20: same as 15-16 but using L arm
m.23-24 & 27-28: repeat from m.15
m.29-30: punch fists R L R L at waist height across body from R to L (4 bt.), then punch high R__ L__ (4 bt.) (We call these last punches "Pow!")
m.31-32: same as 29-30 but high, then low "Pow"
m.33-34: move R pointer up ala rocket ship (8 bt.)
m.35: shade eye with R hand
m.36: push R hand up and forward into a starburst
m.37-40: repeat m.33-36
(repeat m.13-32)
m.33-36 on repeat: airplane arms tip one way (together) for 8 beats, then other way
m.37-38: both hands up at shoulder height in wide jazz hands
m.39: R arm point up (4 bt.)
m.40: pull arm back and point thumb to chest
(repeat m.13-32)
m.43-44 (same on each repeat): wide jazz hands up and right 2X then down left 2X
m.45 (4th time): R wide jazz hand up by face on bt.1, hold
m.46: add L wide jazz hand on bt.1 and hold
m.47-48: pulse both hands around in front of face and body as if around a large clock face (8 bt.)
m.49-50: start around again, but on 6th bt. pull fists in to body. On bt.7 shoot arms out with wide jazz hands in random pose and freeze
(Going To Neptune is from Music K-8, Vol. 12, No. 5.)
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