Submitted by Amy Schneider, Bourbonnais, Illinois

Idea posted August 12, 2002

First, find anywhere from 10-15 large grocery bags (or as many as you are willing to make). Then, cut black construction paper or use black electrical tape to make a staff across the width of the bag. Follow that step by placing a construction paper quarter note, beamed eighth notes, or quarter rest on the staff.

With the bag open, cut a circle large enough for a small child's head in the bottom of the bag. It is not necessary to cut arm holes, as the students have the bags over their heads for such a short time.

During class, I would select 5 or 6 students at a time to choose a bag to wear. Then, they could choose which order to stand in. The remainder of the class would sit on the floor and clap the patterns together. When they were clapped correctly, the kids were allowed to try and "confuse" the class by mixing up and creating a new rhythm chain. Allow more students to use the bags.

The bags really lasted a long time and the kids loved the game.