Submitted by Maryanne J. Kane, Upper Darby School District

Idea posted September 23, 2013

A poem, "How Have Different Groups Contributed to the United States?"

The peopling of the United States
refers to just what makes us great!
The "big five" contributed much.
Very diverse, very neat stuff!
American Indians,
African Americans,
Europeans, Spanish, and Asians, too.
These immigrants taught us much to do!
Tepee, tomahawk, hammock, skunk.
Barbecue, ponchos, tamales and such.
Dollar, kindergarten, denim, and dock.
Spirituals, folk tales, jazz that's hot!
Chopsticks, yoga, martial arts.
Every culture played its part.

Divide students into five groups. Assign each group one of "the big five" to create a four line poem or chant about the contributions of this specific group to the United States.

This activity was created in music class to integrate with social studies class using Social Studies Alive-Regions of Our Country: The Peopling of the United States: Chapter 3