Submitted by Dianne Park, San Diego, California

Idea posted November 11, 2009

I used Share the Music Grade 4 version of "Old Joe Clark."

Couples in square dance position, identify which are the head couples and which are the side couples. All boys to the right of the girls. Identify who is your opposite girl/boy and who is your corner.

(This was the first square dance the fourth graders had done. At first, they were quite goofy about holding hands and having boy/girl partners, but they got over it!)

Chorus: Round & round... "long to stay" - Hold partners hands in skater's position and promenade around the square back to your spot.

Verse 1: "Old Joe Clark he had a house 16 stories high" - Head couples walk in four and back four. "Every story in that house was full of chicken pie" - Side couples do the same.

Chorus - Do-si-do your partner, Do-si-do your corner and come back to partner.

Verse 2: Head boys in and swing OPPOSITE head girl, side boys do the same.

Chorus - Swing own partners.

Verse 3 - Head girls in and swing opposite head boy, side girls do the same.

Chorus: Promenade

I just used typical square dance steps. Change as needed and have fun!