Submitted by Nickie, Ohio

Idea posted September 12, 2008

Cup Game Variation:

Clap, Clap, Tap-on-the-cup, Clap, Up, Down, Wait. Clap, Twist, Pop, Tap, Grab, Right, Pass.
Clap = Clap!
Tap-on-the-cup = Tap a triplet rhythm on cup
Up = Pick up cup
Down = Put cup down
Wait = Head nod
Twist = Grab cup with right hand, thumb down
Pop = Tap cup on left hand
Tap = Tap cup on ground
Grab = Put cup in left hand
Right = Place right hand on ground
Pass = Pass cup to right to opposite of where right hand is resting on the ground

I've done this with fourth grade and it works really, really well! They absolutely love it. Also, try speeding it up each time... until they break out in giggles because they can't keep up! :o)

Also, you can try singing "I've Been To Harlem" with it. It works SO well! Here is a link to the lyrics:

It's a very popular folk tune. I usually explain to them the significance of "brandy wine" (sailors drank it to keep warm on the boat) and I also explain that the "girl" in the last line is not a woman, but rather, it's referring to the boat itself. Have fun!