Submitted by Brenda Stafford, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Idea posted September 12, 2008

To track student behavior, I use colored pages for my seating chart and white for the behavior chart stapled together. I have classes every other day.

To set this up, I used light green for classes that came on one day and yellow for the other. After I had student names on the chart in their assigned seat, I made a white copy of each seating chart and inserted it behind the seating chart so I have the green seating chart followed by the white behavior chart for each class. I staple the green and white pages together in order and did the same with the yellow and white.

My rules are numbered and posted. When I need to document a broken rule, I write the number of the rule broken by the student's name. I write the date and rule broken on the white pages in a different color ink for each class day to be able to tell parents what occurred and the date it occurred. I can look at the color of the date and know each rule number written in that color occurred on that day. Each month, I take the seating chart apart and make new white behavior copies for the next month.

I staple and file the old behavior copies and have month-to-month behavior documents I can use for parent conferences, etc. I can also use the white pages to write parent phone numbers, contacts, and other information about student behavior.