Submitted by Stephanie Menefee, Tacoma, Washington

Idea posted November 12, 2007

I have one sheet for each class session. I tried doing it on a transparency and then transferring that over, but in reality, that didn't happen. I just made lots of copies. I either put a magnet on the paper on the board or put it on my music stand. I mark as I call on people, or when I note a behavior in my own code, (T=talking, S=out of space/not properly in space, i=not treating instruments appropriately, D=not following directions) along with how many times it may have happened.

I also use "NP" for not participating and "-att" for negative attitude. The columns on these sheets are pretty wide so I can fit everything I need to in them during class time.

This year I'll need to figure out how to transfer it to somewhere more permanent, like my computer or grade book or something. My biggest issue is keeping up with things like this. I may start heading into school soon to start getting things figured out, both for upper elementary and for middle school.