Submitted by Dianne, San Diego, California

Idea posted November 12, 2007

I use "¡Hola, Amigos!" (from Music K-8, Vol. 12, No. 1). I do a little greeting game I got and modified from the Music K-8 Mailing List eons ago. After learning the song, walk randomly as you sing it. At end of song, find a person to do and say the following hand jive/chant: "pat pat, clap clap, who are you?" (ti ti , ti ti ta ta ta rest) (each person answers name) , then, "pat pat, clap clap too-dle-oo!" (wave goodbye). Sing and walk again. Find new partner and do as many times as you wish.

The "pat pat" is on students' own knees, the "clap clap" is their own hands, "who are you" and "too-dle-oo" are claps with their partner's hands.