Submitted by Tami Mangusso, Aurora, Colorado

Idea posted May 10, 2006

My old version of this rap is in the Idea Bank (see "Concert Etiquette Rap"). This one just has a few minor changes:

Concert Etiquette Rap

Hello everybody and welcome to our show.
Before we begin there are some things you should know.
It's all about concert etiquette,
to help the performers so they won't get upset.
People have come from far and near
to see our show they want to watch and hear.
The performers are not on television. They are alive and that's no jive.
During the performance avoid disruptions,
with needless talk or rude interruptions.
Even after a song try not to talk-out;
being quiet is what it's all about.
Turn off any noise-making devices,
we do not need unexpected surprises.
When you take a picture of your child,
do it respectfully and don't get wild.
Some people are trying to videotape;
conversations we should not make.
This room may look like a gymnasium,
but today it's our performance auditorium.
Please keep your children from running around;
we do not need any extra sounds.
Sometimes babies scream and shout;
please feel free to take them out.
And don't blurt out the comments in your head;
keep them to yourself instead.
Respect your neighbors and their space.
Stay in your spot for that's the best place.
Do not wander around the room,
especially while we're still performing for you.
Moving around just makes a distraction,
and it can cause a really big scene.
Just be courteous and use good judgment,
so people won't have to be so mean.
Try not to clap or stomp your feet,
even if the music has a good beat.
If we need your help we will give you a shout,
and tell you what it's all about.
Booing and hissing are not permitted,
positive attitudes we are committed.
Feel free to applaud after a song:
When showing appreciation you can't go wrong.
Whistling and cheering can be too loud,
and it can hurt the people you're around.
By having respect we can have a good time,
then we can enjoy our performance time.
But here is one thing for you to remember
that will help you to be an audience winner.
People are here to watch the performance,
and not to be entertained by the audience.
Now I told you all you should know,
so sit right back and enjoy the show.

I use a rap track from the Music Express magazine as I perform it, but you could easily make narrating parts out of it and give them to students.