Submitted by Gretchen Taylor, Illinois

Idea posted January 15, 2002

I'm doing Blitzen's Boogie (from Music K-8, Vol. 12, No. 2) with my 5ths, and here's the choreography I've come up with...

During the intro: stationary movement, free, loose, but to the beat
"You Know Dasher": Count on their fingers by using the LH index finger touching the RH index, middle, ring, pinky, and thumb. Then, with the LH hold out thumb, then index finger (total of seven fingers counted out).
"But do you, do you know": They point both hands toward the audience with "finger guns" (thumb up and index fingers out) in a "cool" gesture.
"Blitzen": Right on this word we begin a L together L touch/snap, R together R touch/snap step and repeat for a total of 16 counts.
"He's a boogie": Right on "boogie" we do a L touch R touch step with jazz hands open and shaking by our ears leaning slightly in the direction we're stepping.
"And he boogies all day": On the word "day," we do a complete turnaround taking little steps and snapping close to our bodies. They all face front on count seven and eight.
This sequence repeats from the beginning.
"He's some kind of cool": At this point, we do two slow L shoulder/step scoop ups across eight beats. Step on "some," up on "cool," then do it again on the four counts. Repeat to the R for "season is yule."
"He boogies away": Eight small, but quick, on the beat L together L together L together L touch steps. Do jazz hands beside the face.
"Pulls on his sleigh": Walk diagonally to the R with small steps (eight) on the beat, but make the walk look like it's taking some effort, like pulling the sleigh. Use arms too, like walking with determination.
"He's some kind of fine": All bend knees, lean forward with hands on knees, and watch Blitzen (who by this time is doing his own boogie thing up front).
"Moves are divine": Stand tall with prayer hands at chest level.
"Boogies a lot": Do a four count shimmy arm/shoulder move bending slightly forward and down. Then, four count shimmy back up.
"Rhythm he's got": Stand tall and circle jazz hands at waist level up and around toward chest and down and out slightly at your sides.
The instrumental "scoop" right after "rhythm he's got": All lean back and straight up.

From this point, the movement repeats what was done in the beginning. We just repeat the boogie step and turn on the coda. At the very end on "But do you know Blitzen," we stand still and on the "yeah" we shoot our cool gun fingers again, then freeze.

During the middle section, Blitzen will simply boogie about. He'll join the others in the same movement on "Rhythm he's got."

The entire class will also be wearing antlers. Blitzen (I think) will have sunglasses on and be dressed hopefully in black leather (or as cool as we can get him to look).

Hope this makes sense and is something you find helpful. My kids seem to be enjoying it and all are able to move rather convincingly, too. :)

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