Submitted by Tracy King, Farmington, Missouri

Idea posted January 15, 2002

Showing a video of their performance is THE easiest thing to do - and they're always mesmerized. Leading a discussion and letting them talk about their experience on stage (how they felt, what was unexpected, what they remember, etc.) is the second easiest, and is likewise pleasant for them. Letting them re-sing their program music can be fun.

I do this, and I have them fill out a short self-evaluation something like this...

  1. I sang with my very best singing voice.
    :-) :-| :-(
  2. I used my eyes and face to express the words of the song.
    :-) :-| :-(
  3. I used good posture while singing.
    :-) :-| :-(
  4. My eyes were focused on Mrs. King during the performance.
    :-) :-| :-(
  5. I remember all (or most) of the words to the songs.
    :-) :-| :-(
  6. I was a good audience member for the other performers.
    :-) :-| :-(

I use the smiley face wingdings font to make a smiley, straight, and frowny face. Sometimes I would make a row of circles and have them fill in a number of circles to represent the percentage of yes or no to the statement. For example:

My eyes were focused on Mrs. King during the performance.




These kinds of options were good for K-2. We have such a HUGE range between the good readers and the not-so-good readers that pictures and graphics work much better than words or numbers! :-)